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Activities and Tourism

We know our lovely region very well and we can put together a pleasant itinerary for you or organise activities for your stay.

Let yourself be guided…



Ria d'Etel

Etel Estuary

The estuary is a region of rare, wild, picture-postcard beauty at all times of year, with a sandbar, the barre d’Etel, located at its mouth. Discover the incredible diversity of its flora and fauna, or alternatively, its megalithic treasures, either on foot, by mountain bike, or on a fishing trip by boat or on foot. Stop by one of the numerous shellfish farms where you can sample oysters from the Etel Estuary. During your excursions out you will get to see calvaries, fountains, chapels and numerous little beaches and creeks. The estuary is like an inland sea, scattered with small islands and extending 15 km inland.

Kayak club de la Ria d’Etel Plongée – Au bord de la terre Pôle nautique de la Ria d’Etel


Balade et randonnée morbihan

Walking and hiking

Eager to go walking or hiking, cycling, mountain biking or horse-riding? We recommend exploring along the sunken paths where you will experience a mosaic of landscapes: bocages, mudflats, forests, rivers… There’s a multitude of walking trails to choose from, ranging from easy rambles to major hikes (GR 38 – GR 34)



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Brittany is undoubtedly a land of festivals, musicians and dancers. Come and join us for the Fest-Noz, a large, night-time festival where people of all generations come together for folk dancing and traditional music. You will get to hear the bagadoù, one of the planet’s most powerful acoustic ensembles. It is inspired by Scottish Pipe Bands and, being open to different musical influences, these ensembles incorporate a modernness we find enchanting.

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gastronomie bretagne


Our cuisine draws its authenticity from the local lands and the sea. It will delight you with its flavours and colours. Prices are affordable and normally do not vary from season to season.






locoal mendon


In Locoal-Mendon, a mysterious, authentic place, there are churches and chapels to visit, the 9th century Prostlon steles, the 15th century Quenouille de Sainte-Brigitte (an ancient standing stone), and at Locoal you will find yourself transported back to the age of the Chouans (royalists who revolted against the French Revolution) along the sunken path of ‘Cadoudal’. There are stunning landscapes and sandy creeks to enjoy as well.


Mairie de Locoal-Mendon


Etel et son musée

Etel – Museum of tuna fishing

A former fishing port now specialising in recreational activities, Etel is a lively, family-oriented destination. Discover its rich heritage at the Musée des thoniers, where two centuries of the region’s history are retraced together with the history of its sardine and tuna fishing industry from 1930 to 1960. Open from Easter till the end of September. Closed Saturdays and Sunday mornings.


Office de tourisme d’Etel Musée des thoniers


Auray - le port

Auray – The port of Saint-Goustan

A former residence of the Dukes of Brittany, Auray is a charming little old town, with its narrow, paved streets, half-timbered houses, and its port, ‘Saint-Goustan’. Explore the alleyways and discover the Saint-Goustan quarter with its artists’ workshops. The Monday morning market is one of the largest in Morbihan.



Office de tourisme d‘Auray Communauté


Basilique st Anne

Basilica of Sainte-Anne d’Auray

Every July 26 since the 17th century, thousands of pilgrims have been travelling here to honour the « grandmother of Jesus » and Brittany’s patron saint. Saint-Anne d’Auray, the most important site of pilgrimage in Brittany, is one of France’s largest religious sanctuaries. Don’t miss the large organ at the basilica. Throughout Brittany it is possible to take part in numerous pardons (a type of Catholic parade traditional to Brittany).


Office de tourisme d‘Auray Communauté




For those who love large beaches, Erdeven, an important megalith site and, notably, the location of the Kerzerho alignments, has 300 ha of protected dunes and 8 km of coastline to offer.




Office de tourisme d’Erdeven




Discover the largest collection of this type of standing stones in the world. It is a prehistoric site of significant importance, with 934 standing stones spread across almost one kilometre and erected between 4000 and 2000 BC. Don’t miss the Saint-Michel tumulus and the museum of Prehistory: Saint-Michel, le musée de la Préhistoire: one of the best prehistoric collections in Europe, representing 450,000 years of history. Open all year round. Closed Tuesdays off-season, except during school holidays.



Office de tourisme Musée de la Préhistoire


Carnac Thalasso & Spa Resort

Carnac Thalasso

De-stress and relax at the largest spa resort in Southern Brittany, offering a sea water swimming pool and numerous types of therapy and massage. Open every day, February to December.



Carnac Thalasso


Golf de St Laurent erdeven

Saint Laurent golf club

The club is located in the heart of the forest – 9-hole, par 35, 2705 m – 18-hole, par 72, 6128 m – driving range with 10 covered bays, 10 outside bays, 10 grass bays, 2 approach-play practice areas, 2 putting greens, and 2 training bunkers.



Golf de Saint Laurent




Quiberon – Plouharnel

Visit the Quiberon peninsula, with its 8 km of wild coastline and the charming little ports of Portivy, Port d’Orange and Port Maria, the latter serving as the point of departure for the islands of Bell-Ile, Houat and Hoedic. For something more extreme you can try surf sports, with several sites for kite surfing, windsurfing and sand yachting.





La Trinié

La Trinité sur Mer

Trinité sur Mer, situated amidst green surroundings, is world famous for its recreational and competition sailing.



Office de tourisme





The historic centre of Vannes is the ideal place for a leisurely stroll, browsing the boutiques amongst half-timbered houses and private hotels. Things to see: the ramparts, Vannes and his wife, St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Porte Saint-Vincent, the lavoirs (wash house). The Museum of Fine Arts regularly adds to its permanent collections of paintings. Open all year round.


Office de tourisme


Aquarium vannes

Vannes Aquarium

At Vannes Aquarium you can see hundreds of fish from around the world in more than 50 aquariums and pools – exotic experience guaranteed. Open all year round.



Aquarium de Vannes



Golfe du Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan, meaning « Little Sea » in Breton, is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It has 42 islets and a landscape of 11,500 ha that will take your breath away with its islands – Arz, Gavrinis, Berder and Ile aux Moines – and 400 million cubic metres of salt water at each tide.



Golfe du Morbihan


Cairn de Gavrinis

Gavrinis Cairn

The cairn is situated at a megalithic site located on the isle of Gavrinis and constructed 3500 years ago. One particularly interesting feature is the passage leading to the chamber: it is covered with inscriptions of the magnificent symbols characteristic of Neolithic art. Open March to November.



Cairn de Gavrinis


Château Suscinio

Suscinio castle

The castle is situated in an exceptional natural environment between marshland and the sea. A former hunting lodge for the Dukes of Brittany, and a jewel of medieval architecture, it houses a magnificent, 14th century tiled floor. Open all year round.



Le Château de Suscinio




Construction of this admirably well-preserved citadel was commenced in 1591 by Vauban, and Colbert established the French East India Company here in 1664. In the 17th and 18th centuries this sea-facing stronghold was a bustling commercial centre.


Musée de la Compagnie des Indes Musée National de la Marine



Lorient Ile

Lorient – Groix island

Lorient is a town of five ports whose former submarine base now houses the Pôle course au large – a long dock dedicated to offshore competitive sailing. L’Ile de Groix is a mineralogical treasure house, with a widely diverse, village-encrusted landscape and wild, beautiful beaches of fine sand combining the nuances of brilliant whiteness with a dark redness.



Office de Tourisme du Pays de Lorient



Inter-Celtic festival of Lorient

The festival is the world’s largest gathering of Celtic cultures and takes place over ten days and nights in the first two weeks of August each year. It features 50,000 artists in 260 performances and attracts 800,000 visitors. Not to be missed.



Festival Interceltique de Lorient


Cité de la Voile

Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly

The « Cité de la voile Eric Tabarly » is unique in France as a place where you can learn about the sea and seamanship. It is an interactive museum of sailing and off-shore competition. Open all year round.



La Cité de la Voile Eric Tabarly





Hennebont is a medieval town on the banks of the Blavet river with ramparts dating from the 12th century. The town, which grew up around a bridge, is green and blooming. Enjoy a stroll around the largest market in Brittany in the vicinity of the 16th century cathedral.



Office du Tourisme


Haras nation

The Hennebont National Stud

You will be transported back to Napoleonic stables at this unique and prestigious attraction, the home of the Breton horse since 1857. Learn about the history of man and horse from the past to the present. Open daily during school holidays and from Tuesday to Friday at other times.


Le haras d’Hennebont



Le Village de St Dégan

The village of Saint-Dégan

This village is a place where the rural heritage of the period extending from the 18th to the 20th centuries is celebrated. Don’t miss the conservatory orchard: 330 trees, 228 species, and an ecomuseum. Open Monday to Friday, February to November, and daily from July to August.



Le village de Saint-Dégan



5Le Village de Poul Fétan

The village of Poul Fetan

Poul Fetan is a restored, ancient, Brittany village where traditional country crafts from the last century are kept alive and practised in a convivial setting. Open from April to September.



Le village de Poul Fetan


les passagers du vent

Les Passagers du Vent

Les Passagers du Vent – sand yacht hire. Open all year by reservation.




Les Passagers du Vent



Forêt Adrenaline ploemel

Carnac Adrenaline Forest (Forêt Adrénaline)

The Adrenaline Forest has 200 obstacles and 12 recreational courses ranging in height from 1 to 17 m. It also has a harness-free course over more than 1000 m2 of netting 8 m high, as well as games and workshops. Open from March to November.



Forêt Adrénaline Carnac



Kart 56 ploemel

Kart 56 Ploemel

Kart 56 Ploemel is a karting centre featuring an 800 m circuit. It is suitable for both beginners and the more experienced. There are electric karts for children of 3 years and up. Open all year round and every day during school holidays.



Kart 56 Ploemel



Le P'tit Délire ploemel

Le P’tit Délire – Ploemel

LE p’tit Délire is a fun park with trampolines, pedal karts, funny bikes, tree top courses, inflatables, mini-golf, pony trekking (June to August), water games, maze and a play area. Open from mid-April to mid-September.



Le P’tit Délire – Ploemel